Thursday, August 1, 2013

Vintage Weddings

Over the last few years a huge theme to emerge from the wedding scene is the vintage theme. I can’t open a magazine without seeing another vintage style lace dress or antique style jewellery.

There have been huge variations on this theme including; vintage candy, homemade decorations, decorative cupcakes, lace dresses, wild flowers, summer pastel colours, bunting and lots of pearls.

I am an avid Pinterest fan and have my own special pin board of gorgeous vintage wedding ideas. (I have even caught my boyfriend having a quick sneak peak, though he did not approve of china teapot centrepieces.)

Here are a few of my favourites…

Both Kate Middleton and Kate Moss chose beautiful vintage style lace dresses for their wedding days, teamed with simple elegant veils.

Jewellery at AC Silver

At AC Silver we specialize in authentic antique and vintage jewellery, and many pieces I believe are perfect for a vintage wedding.

Diamond & Gold Bracelet (W4087)Vintage Pearl Necklace (W6643)
Seed Pearl & Gold Necklace (W6294)Pearl & Diamond Earrings (W6218)

A few months ago we created a brooch display in the AC Silver window, the aim was to inspire ladies to wear their brooches a different way. I have regularly seen soon-to-be-brides purchasing antique and vintage brooches to clip to the front of a slash on their dress or to be made into a dazzling hair clip.

Another popular wedding purchase from AC Silver is an antique or vintage diamond wedding band.

Wedding Rings

Many brides decide to invest in an antique of vintage half or full eternity ring to represent their wedding band. These wonderful pieces are great value for money adding extra diamonds to your finger. (I will definitely be purchasing one.)

Diamond & White Gold Half Eternity Ring (W5557)Sapphire & Diamond Half Eternity Ring (W6856)

So what do you think ladies? Will you go vintage for your big day?

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us online or in store.

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