Thursday, February 7, 2013

Celebrating Love - Valentine's Day

"A million love songs later, And here I am trying to tell you that I care" - Take That,1992. (A simple solution, if you are struggling to find the words, view the AC Silver website or pop in store.)

As I prepare to transform the AC Silver window display into a Valentine’s Day shrine, I look outside and wonder how everyone will be celebrating this year? I think Britain needs a bit of love this at the moment. Despite the festivities, 2012 became one of the wettest years on record and it appears 2013 is starting in the Ice Age - Britain will definitely be looking forward to the season of love.

Here at AC Silver, we often see excited couples or nervous boyfriends peering in our glitter filled cabinets, seeing the potential for the future in one stunning diamond. Valentine’s Day, however, brings a whole new atmosphere to the store;every customer
Pearl & Turquoise Heart Pendant (W6416)

through our door brings a new story of love. I know Valentine’s Day itself occasionally gets bad press as an artificial commercialised event, however in Britain we managed to spend £880 last year, £476 million on Valentine’s jewellery alone. Every year, jewellery is in the top ten most popular gifts, with roses always hitting the number one most popular gift in the UK. (So you may deny it but as a nation we love Valentine’s Day…secretly.)

At AC Silver, we have already seen an influx of customers enquiring and purchasing antique and vintage gifts, and not just that all important engagement ring. Online or in store you will see our full range of gifts available: sometimes it’s worth thinking outside the box: a scent bottle, a pair of vintage cufflinks, an antique enamel mirror or an eye-catching brooch. Valentine’s Day is not just for the soon to be fiancĂ©es, it’s for the much appreciated girlfriend or boyfriend, the loyal wife or your much treasured husband.
Glass & Silver Scent Bottle (W4346)
Vintage Enamel and Gold Cufflinks (W3477)

So this year instead of joining the 8 million others buying chocolate or becoming a statistic in the 21 million roses sold, why not chose a classic, timeless item from the AC Silver inventory. We have a beautiful range of antique and vintage; pendants, earrings, brooches, cufflinks, watches and much more. If you require any further information please do not hesistate to contact us online or in store.

PS If you have decided Valentine’s Day is THE day to pop that all important question (not “What’s for dinner love?”). At AC Silver, we are happy to help you with any stock enquiries and find the perfect ring for you.
Diamond & Platinum Solitaire Ring (W3473)

PPS Did you know that out of 6000 pet owners registered with Petplan insurance, 78% of them admitted to purchasing their pet a Valentines gift. (This will include me!)

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